Feed rollers

The grooves of the roller are rebuilt with laser cladding

“In the autumn of 2007, we inserted a feed roller with laser-welded grooves into the feed in saw line 2. It has now been in operation for almost four years, and I would think that it will run for the same amount of time,” says David Engberg, maintenance manager at SCA Timber in Munksund. “The feed rollers that are delivered with new saw lines today have thermally sprayed grooves. These are completely worn out after two years.”

The task of the feed roller is to propel the log along the saw line. It has a ribbed surface layer to get a good grip on the log. If the roller and grip do not work well, the log slips and gets stuck or there is a fault in the feed to the dividing saw blade with serious quality disturbances as a result.

The surface layer of the roller is rebuilt using a laser

The grooves of the roller are rebuilt with laser cladding. The welded material is a durable tool steel mixed with hard, wear resistant carbide particles. 

About SCA Munksund

SCA Munksund delivers sawn and planed pine. The annual capacity amounts to 440,000 m3 of sawn timber. Keeping production as trouble-free as possible is, of course, of great importance for both product quality and profitability.